Yingjie security guards Zou Xingjie and colleagues from Wuxi Baolong Square catch thieves on duty

【Hero security guard Zou Xingjie】

  At about three o 'clock in the morning on April 27th., Yingjie security Zou Xingjie was in the second floor of Wuxi Baolong Square on patrol. Suddenly, he found 2 suspicious men, which made him pay close attention to follow them. When the suspicious men went to the bathroom, Yingjie security Zou Xingjie contacted colleagues on duty and was confirmed by the shift foreman (2 suspects for the former north square 1153-O'RIE merchant theft suspects). Yingjie security immediately caught these 2 suspects and called 110. Besides, they took photos and timely informed the business management group. Quite soon, the police arrived at the scene and put the 2 suspects in detention after learning the case from guards.

  After this, Wuxi Baolong Square wrote an elaborate letter of commendation, which highly appraise Yingjie security for carrying forward justice, fighting against crime with dedicated performance behavior. And it also express their heartfelt gratitude.

  Zou Xingjie's behavior fully demonstrates our company's corporate mission of "dedication to duty, guard for safety ", which is a good example for the majority of security guards to learn from. Our company hereby gives a notice of commendation and calls on all the staff of the company to learn from this.