The Courier has lost his cell phone sloppily, Yingjie security guards step up efforts to find it.

【Yingjie security】

  The Courier lost his cell phone sloppily. Yingjie security guard stepped up efforts to find it.

  It all turns out like this. At 6pm on November 4th., the Courier accidentally lost his mobile phone in the Jingpin apartment. He told this to the guard Zhang Qiming and Dai Xing Mei right away. They used the walkie-talkie to call captain Jia Huahu, who led the patrol guard Yu Chungru to look for carefully according to the route Courier provided. After half an hour of hard working, they finally found the mobile phone in the express cabinet next to the green belt.

The Courier expressed his gratitude and said: "I’m really lucky to get the phone back, especially thanks to the security guards of Yingjie Company."