Jiangsu King Hero Security Service Co., Ltd

Since established in 2011, Jiangsu Yingjie Security Service Co. Ltd. has been expanding business scope, providing service for the public and strengthening the team training. After years of unremitting efforts, it has now become the industry' s first-class company of comprehensive security services, with a high-quality professional management team, military standard security team and technical personnel. Not only does the company devote itself to professional security service, but also it attaches great importance to the cultivation of enterprise culture. The company mainly serves the government, schools, factories, commercial complexes, banks, communities, hospitals, public stations&docks and other places, providing services such as maintaining security and order for conventions&conferences or functioning as personal bodyguard for government officials and public figures. Owing to its excellent performance, the company has been recommended by the ministry of public security as "The Belt and Road Initiative" service firm.


The company always adheres to the principle of "specialty and innovation", providing service for customers according to their needs precisely. Through means of intelligent operation, we aim to constantly improve technical defense, physical defense and artificial intelligence and other professional services with detailed management and all kinds of intelligent software system.
The company has now integrated large number of innovative technological elements into its form of the original human security-oriented service, in order to strengthen the breadth and depth of security services to continue to serve the community in the future and strive to be the leader of the security industry. 


Key Values: Safety Efficiency Harmony Satisfaction.


Service tenet: Safety is priority and Service to perfection


Vision: Human centered and Expertise prevails


Mission: Build the brand via service and win the market via brand.


Management concepts: Lean management of daily operations with technology as the driving force.