Awards ceremony for sincere service -- Ying Jie guard is praised for his security job

On March 17th., Jiangsu Yingjie Security Service Co., Ltd. was praised by the management of Party A in the "Excellent Team and outstanding Individual Commendation Conference" held at the headquarters of Golden Eagle International Property Group. Lu Feifei, the security captain of our company in Taizhou Golden Eagle Tiandi project, was awarded "Sincere cooperator" and was rewarded with 400 RMB in cash as encouragement.


Since our company worked in the Taizhou Golden Eagle World site, the security guards have been working steadily and conscientiously to strive to fulfill the work tasks assigned by Party A and the company. They do their own job with due diligence and win honors for our company.


The affirmation from customers is the greatest support for our company. Yingjie moves forward in innovation and development under the service tenet of "Safety is priority Service to perfection", the vision of "Human centered Expertise prevails" and the mission of "Build the brand via service and win the market via brand", which hopes that all employees can learn from paragons while doing their own jobs well. In the meanwhile, establish the overall mindset for the whole company as the most important consciousness, cooperate and pull your weight to achieve the common future!