Education background:

Graduated from Jiangsu police academy


President of the world drone competition league
President of Wuxi drone association
President of Wuxi Yutong charity foundation
Director of Wuxi enterprise association and Wuxi entrepreneur guild
CPPCC member of Liangxi district, Wuxi city
Director of Liangxi district entrepreneur association
Chairman of Wuxi Liangxi district security service trade union federation
Member of the national democratic construction association


Wuxi Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2017
Outstanding Entrepreneur in the 40th. anniversary of Reform and Opening up by Wuxi Business Method Council
Member of human resource defense committee of Jiangsu security association
"Outstanding manager of the year 2018" of Jiangsu security association
"2018 annual advanced individual of institute work" of Wuxi science and technology association. 
"2019 annual advanced individual of institute work" of Wuxi science and technology association.



  Nowadays, what do folks ask for most and lack most? Yes, it’s Security!

  With the continuous development of society, the yearning for security has been increasingly persisting with the constant progress of science and technology. Peace and tranquility of life need security; the prosperity of economy needs security; the development in the emerging era needs security. The need of security is everywhere in production and our daily life. Besides, numerous facts inform us that the behavior of ignoring security will cost us a great deal. Therefore, the security service industry accrues in order to ensure the safety of everyone as an important livelihood industry.

  The company was founded in 2011. After nearly ten years of accumulation and growth, it has become a shining apex in the security service Industry. Relying on the most advanced intelligent technology, the most professional security team and man-machine cooperation, K.H.S provides each customer with more efficient and high-quality exclusive service.

  The company has been forging ahead in the innovation and development, business covering from the local area to the whole country and even the whole world. Safety, efficiency, harmony and satisfaction are our core values as always. Being humanistic and professional are our secret to success. In the future, we will never forget our original intention and guard the safety of every family and people from all walks of life so as to win a broader market with our caring and ingenious service.