Human Defense Security

Security service by qualified men is the most basic business in our company. The personnel are all through professional training, highly familiar with the extinguishing and security monitoring system, equipped with security uniform clothing and proficient in security precautions. A comprehensive all-round improvement of employees' awareness of daily information security and competence to take protective measures in order to provide high-quality security services for the customers.

Physical Defense Security

K.H.S has been continuously developing security and physical defense services. At present, the company provides security personnel with professional and high-quality shields, stab-resistant suits, helmets, cut-proof gloves and steel forks. By providing security personnel with professional and high-quality equipment such as alarm stick, high-light torch, outer wall and barbed wire to make professional physical defense system, which to be provided to customers with reliable physical defense services.

Technical Defense Security

Yingjie security has been developing the design of the region and objectives, the installation of a variety of alarm, monitoring equipment and regular maintenance according to each customer's different needs to provide alarm, early alarm and other relevant technical prevention business. It also provides design supervision services of safety prevention projects for large factories, enterprises and government offices.

Intelligent Security

Yingjie security is committed to building “Robot + Static security”, “Robot + Intelligent security” and “Robot + Smart operation” to make the mutual control between robots and various Intelligent operation platforms to create a new coverage, no fault and all-round new urban smart security application system, which is an integrated, platform-based and collaborative unified command system. Use technology-based services to achieve more security and superior prevention.

Special Escort

The special security team consists of excellent veterans from SWAT, free boxing players above the provincial or municipal level and college students of related majors. All the team members are built according to the standard of militarization, and strict closed management is carried out in the military mode, and intensive learning and training are carried out, so that the team members have the ability of being a good guard, good driver, good secretary, good life manager. The team members can not only ensure the safety of the protected objects in times of crisis, but also assist them to look after their work and life. Since the business started, it has maintained a safety protection rate of 100%, which has been well received by people from all walks of life!

Risk Assessment

Our company has the qualification of safety risk assessment and can provide the service regarding safety risk prediction or assessment report according to the requirement by safety risk evaluation. We could provide professional safety risk management advice and measures through the company's related professionals. We not only get the trust of the majority of customers, but also get the security department's full recognition.

Consulting Services

Provide targeted, extensive, complex, rewarding and constructive professional solutions to customers’ problems regarding security. This includes assisting enterprises in filing work safety records with the regulatory authorities, assessing the safety status of enterprises, assisting enterprises in government network application, assisting enterprises in daily management of work safety and assisting enterprises in solving the safety requirements of the regulatory authorities.