[Management position recruitment]

Regional Manager 6-8K 2-3 headcounts

Job description

  1. Under 45 years old, college degree or above, working in security management for more than 3 years; have security work experience in a security company or property management company or veteran experience;
  2. Familiar with and master the operation and management workflow of security companies, good project and time planning, organization capability, commanding and coordination, controlling ability and can take a firm hold of the overall situation;
  3. Proficient in office software;
  4. Strong language interpretation and writing skills, able to independently write various and system documents;
  5. Understand and master the knowledge and skills of fire security management and asset loss prevention;
  6. Familiar with team management and construction knowledge and skills with strong management ability and organizational execution;
  7. Proficient in driving skills and holding C license, perfect healthy status, energetic and posotive attitude of work;
  8. Understand the importance of security quality management for customers business, be able to work under great pressure and good professional ethics;
  9. Good communication skills, good at solving on-site problems and logical thinking.


Security training position 6-8K 1 headcount

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for developing and improving the compliance process and system of each business module;
  2. Responsible for regular compliance promotion for employees and managers to improve the overall working efficiency of employees;
  3. Responsible for organizing job training, various knowledge lessons, lectures and other activities for new employees in the company and finally evaluate all participants.
  4. Regularly summarize, sort out and compile case analysis according to existing data, monitor existing business in real time and constantly optimize work flow based on relevant data. Besides, keep connecting with other departments.
  5. Conduct online recording, employee compliance and other related checks to ensure the service standards of employees by making detailed records and timely reporting abnormal problems;
  6. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job Requirements:

  1. Full-time college degree or above;
  2. Familiar with security industry, security training or related work experience is preferred;
  3. Veterans are preferred, and those with military training or team training experience are preferred
  4. Good teamwork spirit, strong logical thinking;
  5. Good learning willingness and ability, willing to learn new business modeand new project;
  6. Proficient in office software such as WORD, EXCEL and PPT.

Inspector position 6-8K 1 headcount

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Check and supervise the work of each security duty site, including whether the uniform is complied with standard, whether the badges are intact and whether the internal affairs and health, civilized language, system implementation as well as shift transfer procedures are complete and integral.
  2. Assist the company to seriously deal with all kinds of violations of discipline and correct all kinds of improper practices.
  3. Keep a good record of daily work, timely feedback the supervision work to company leaders and put forward reasonable suggestions.
  4. Supervise the attendance, hygiene status, discipline and safety of each department and office of the company. In addition, inform and raise the problems found and hand them over to company to further deal with serious cases.

Job Requirements:

  1. Have more than one year's relevant experience, need to be meticulous and rigorous. Keep good personal appearance
  2. Veteran or ex-cop are preferred
  3. Able to make PPT and other office software, make relevant working plans. Complete jobs on time and follow handover procedure.


【 Security Guard Recruitment 】

Recruitment of Security Guards - [Chong 'an Temple high street site]

Under 45 years old, day shift 4600 RMB, night shift 4200 RMB.

Under 55 years old, day shift is 4,000 RMB, night shift is 3,800 RMB, 12 hours per shift, four-day leaves per month.


Recruitment of Security Guards -- [Tripod Furong plant]

Requirements: male 1.7m tall, female 1.65m tall. Don’t wear glasses, under 40 years old.

170 RMB to 180 RMB per shift, salary settled at the end of each month. Accommodation provided.


Recruitment of Security Guards -- [Wuxi studio site]

Day shift under 50 years old, 4,500 RMB; night shift under 52 years old, 4,000RMB for about a month. Appearance post must below 35 years old, 1.7 meters above, well-featured, four-day leaves per month. Salary after tax 5000 yuan. Accommodation is provided.


Recruitment of Security Guards -- [New communist institute site]

Day shift salary after tax 4000RMB. Under the age of 50, night shift 4000 RMB, under the age of 52, 12 hours, four-day leaves per month. Accommodation is provided.


 Recruitment of Security Guards -- [Binjiang College site]

Day shift 4500 RMB, under 50 years old. Night shift 4,000 RMB, under 52 years old, 12 hours per shift, four-day leaves per month. Accommodation is provided.



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