​Recover what she lost Yingjie security guard get thumb up by hunting down the fancy necklace

At 10am on March 24th., a schoolgirl from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications came to the security office and sent a bunting with the words "dedication and integrity, earnest in his endeavors for the recovery of lost property, which is being great help" to Li Kekui, the security captain of Jiangsu Yingjie Security Service Co., Ltd. Nanjing branch in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications site. She expressed her gratitude to the security staff for taking the initiative to quickly help her find her lost precious necklace.

Let’s back it up to the morning of March 24th. when the security spot received a call for help from a female student, who required help to find a necklace lost on her way to get her package. The value of this necklace is more than 30,000 RMB with very important commemorative sense. The female student had been hunting down everywhere in an anxious and bewildered mood but nothing had been found until she called the security guard.


After knowing the situation, the security site quickly played back the surveillance footage and carefully reviewed the video frame by frame. After a tough day of investigation, coordination and communication, the necklace was finally found and handed over to the female student at nearly 9 p.m. Has been finding the lost necklace, the female student couldn’t help express her gratitude to security guards.

There is a kind of gratification called lost and found

There is a sort of solace called security

Guard with carefulness

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