Race against the clock | Yingjie security guards get praised of becoming incarnate as "the fire fighting warrior"

On the evening of March 12th., a fire broke out on one university site, whose security staff belong to Jiangsu Yingjie Security Service Co., Ltd. The guards have not been afraid of the fire, which had been put out in no time with professional skills, arrangement of an orderly way and conscientious work attitude. This has helped them get praised of 1000 RMB per person by university as rewards.

About 7 p.m., a schoolgirl barged into the gate security office and told guards that her dormitory suddenly caught on fire. The guard Wang Hai first arrived at the scene and found that the flames had soared more than one meter high from the dormitory to the outside. He reported the status to the captain in no time and held a fire extinguisher and water pipe to put out the fire with other team members Meng Qihe and Xing Chun. The security captain, Hu Zhibei, with the staff of the security Department also rushed to the scene and put their every effort to extinguish the fire in order to protect the lives and property of students and reduce the loss of the school regardless of their own safety under the danger of smoke and open flames.

At 7:40 PM, the fire was finally put out with the concerted efforts of the team members, who did not take a rest right away, but stayed at the scene to cooperate with relevant departments to search the fire point and find out the cause of the fire.

The reason why our team members of Jiangsu Yingjie Security Service Co., Ltd. are capable of dealing with the sudden fire properly is not only the strong sense of responsibility of the team members, but also the rich experience accumulated in the company's daily training. Under the professional training system, our team members can always make the correct action at the confrontation of sudden disasters in the first time, which highlights the power of "Yingjie guard"!